Saturday, May 27, 2006

Summer of 2006

Small waterfall beside the furnace
I am travelling alot lately. When I initially moved to NY for work, I had to travel long distances for a couple of weeks to reach workplace. Last weekend, I met an old buddy and visited Princeton university with him, It was a nice feeling there as I had gone to the school of stalwarts like Einstien and Nash. Next day, I went to Washington D.C. and enjoyed the Smithsonium Air and Space museum there. It was a fun place! Lots of rockets, spacecrafts, satellites and fighter planes on display! I even tried the F-18 Flight simulater and shot many enemies! I had thought that it would be so scary being upside down inside a fighter plane but it was fun!

Yesterday, I saw this new hindi movie called Fanaa - total crap! So many smart people get together to come up with such lack of creative work! It was frustrating.

In the morning, I went to New Haven to see one of my cousins who is studying at Yale. She has inspired me some way or the other when I was very young and used to listen to her intellectually stimulating discussions with my other cousins. Then I have come to this beautiful place with her in Litchfield at another cousin's big country house! Waiting for lots of family members to come here by evening for the long weekend.
Sunset at the pond!

Hoping to have a good time here, eat lots of home-made food and also work a little! The place is amazing and you can walk along the river, sit beside the pond, try your hands at fishing, go hiking or just sit in the sun and relax!

My foot!

The summer of 2006 has just arrived!

Monday, May 15, 2006

The inverse pandemonium

I don't know why I chose this title but since I chose it by free will, I will write something about it.

The idea is something like that of the movie Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan where he says that there is a good for every evil!

There is an absolute balance in this world where things have a reciprocal at each end of the spectrum. Each piece of thought can be inverted and adjusted in any way one can possibly imagine. We haven't harnessed the power of the mind completely as we limit ourselves into mortality. Again, whatever we imagine can be deemed as null or infinite or anywhere in between by similar forces.

Is our universe a speck of dust in space? Is this not an inverse pandemonium in itself? We know what space is (we think we know) but what exactly is time? Is it a state of mind - can we control it? Are there other dimensions that we have not explored?

The whole world is a complex maze with so many beautiful patterns in it - do these patterns tell us something? Why do we find something beautiful and why do we find some other things ugly?

A child's brain is the most powerful machine - it can learn and adapt to anything it associates with - what exactly is there in a child's brain -does it have something to do with the fact that it has nothing in it. Does it have rules pre-configured in it?

How powerful are the five senses of human beings - is it not enough for everyone to achieve whatever they wish for. Then what is the sixth sense? Is there a seventh sense?

There are so many beautiful minds in this world - is it chance? Or is it some sequence of events in a child's brain that make it that way?

This is the inverse pandemonium!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thou know it all!

I will try to write a couple of lines about achievement, happiness and love. I am an abstract kind!


Achievement is directly linked to your inner conscience. If you have the purity of thought and the passion to follow your dreams, things will slowly fall your way! It may start with an impulsive action or restless musings, you have to identify it and believe in it. Achievement has alot to do with confidence. Confidence has alot to do with depth of character. You should follow your heart and not compromise. You should also have the desire to constantly learn and update yourself. It all has to do with expending your thoughts and channelizing it in the right direction.


Happiness is purely a state of mind. It is not the little things in life that make you happy, it is the dim sight of the blissful beyond that one identifies with. This translates to hope. Hope is what keeps one alive. And you smile even in times of desperation! You get sad and you get glad, this is a temporary state of emotion. Happiness is again an inner feeling. You have to be careful for what you wish for, as this can hurt you emotionally. This has a disturbing effect as there is only limited time, but this really does not have much to do with happiness. Believe in yourself, learn from life and you will be happy.


Love is a nice feeling. It is the chemistry between you and the other object that you associate with. It is a dynamic function with many variables in it. Ya, this sounds stupid! So, love is complex! Love makes you high ... higher than you can ever imagine and it ceases the brain with emotional matter. It is difficult to identify love!