Monday, March 10, 2008

Research Questions

Premises in Online Social Theory:

1. Seeking information is an emotional experience.

2. Relationships are strengthened by positive reinforcements.

3. We have a small personal social network of people for our various informational needs.

4. Humans ultimately rely on their own problem solving skills, technology should be an efficient facilitator for enabling them to make the decisions.

5. Creating an identity(reputation) in an online community is a major motivation factor to remain engaged in the network.

6. Identity drives and limits actions. We start driving our actions according to our social identities. Driving ourselves according to our independent actions requires exploring different personal identities.

7. How can systems be developed that facilitate social interaction among humans or among humans and agents?

8. How do we make sense of the interactions between emotion, personality, and social behavior?

9. How can considerations of affective factors contribute to more effective human-computer interaction in general?

10. What is trust, and what does it mean to share it with a machine?