Thursday, April 20, 2006

license to chill!

I have been waiting for this for so so long! Finally I have really started thinking about buying my own car :-) The thrill is so much that I have started dreaming about it! My mom tells me that I used to stare at cars when I was a kid all the time!

Oh, I got my learner's license. Yeah, just learner's license!

I had gone to the license office more than an hour away from home for the second time to get my license. Not that I failed the first time, I did not have proper paperwork. This time I thought that I had the proper paperwork. But no I didn't. I had gone with 2 friends so I waited for them to come out victorious! They were sorry for me but it was okay. I consoled eating an apple given to me by one of my friends! Came back home really dejected around 2 p.m. and rested. As I lied down, I fumbled on an envelope on my bed. And that envelope contained my bank statement that I needed to get my license. I got up, lit a cigarette and started running. The license center was to close at 5 and it was already 3. Reached the center at 4.10. Luckily, there was no rush in the evening and I got to the test terminal in 10 minutes. Finished the test in 10 minutes and started smiling. The photo on my license is a proof for that reassured and happy feeling.

I have a dream
My car to zing
the roar of the machine
is so soothing
to get tickets
for speeding
to steer with
or against the wind
day or night
rain or storm
nothing can stop
the will to move on!
I have a dream
My car to zing!

I am renting a car this weekend for getting used to the roads here and getting my permanent license next week. Mustang, Firebird, Eclipse or a Honda Civic ... I don't want to buy a Honda Civic but that looks so convenient. I am not sure if I can afford a firebird or a mustang. I have started looking at all the Eclipse models very recently! Let's see what's in store for me!