Thursday, July 06, 2006


My friend Vikram asked me this awesome question today... Is there some link between a woman's ovarian cycle and the cycle of the moon! Both repeat in about 29 days time! What a perfect coincidence! Nature has its own ways to amuse us! There is also this myth that there is a woman in the moon that is more prominant than the man in the moon! Even chinese astrology identifies moon as the feminine power or more popularly known as the 'yin' (and the masculine known as the 'yang'!) Another interesting link.

Whatever it be, it is something spectacular and worth giving a thought! A woman only has the power to create and sustain life which simply makes her way superior to men! Even recent scientific genetic studies have shown that the male genetic material (the Y chromosome) is decaying due to many mutations compared to the X chromosome over the centuries and there are very few active genes that remain in the Y chromosome.

Is astrology for real? I have heard some really interesting ideas about astrology being for real but somehow my reasoning system fails to register it. Even the slightest vibrations in the cup of tea that we drink causes such chaos on its surface that is linked to the gravitational forces from distances we can't even fathom! (I had read some very cool essay about this in Resnick and Halliday long time back) Life also (both physical and metaphysical) is a force that may interact with other forces in nature and have certain influences!

I really awe for people who study these extra-scientific questions - these things have no definitive answer (at least for now) and their entire life revolves around trying to find asnwers for these breathtaking questions (also considering the fact that I am struggling with my very very small research question)! Do these people ever get sound sleep, I wonder?