Monday, June 26, 2006


Very soon, I will have my personal webpage that will embed services provided by social networks, messengers, blogs and photo galleries apart from the usual content I will have on my webpage. (I need to write another one on Social Networks!) It will be very easy for anyone to spend some time on my 'webpresence' and get a fairly good idea of everything (abstract or otherwise) that belongs to me. There will be a whole new semantic web infrastructure where it will become almost necessary for everyone to have a unique web id.

This will lead to many unforseen repercussions, I imagine. A whole new field consisting of sociology, technology and psychology will emerge that will study the implications and consequences of this new way of living. New behavioural disorders will be identified and peculiar ways to combat them willo be sought! Overall, people will be kept busy. New occupations and new challenges will emerge.

Will all this be a boon or bane for our society? Today's already stressed youth who is managing myriads of cognitive processes will be exposed to many more brought about by technological as well as technologically induced factors. Some people will become even more effective than others, I presume, thus more widening the gap of equanimity and homogeneity!

What do you think all this will lead to?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

meeting skills

Overheard this excerpt from the people who conduct loud meetings everyday just beside my lab:
"Anybody who is working on anything would need something." (My immediate reaction was: Oh lord!, then I smiled, then I thought!)

This reminds me of a saying ... "If I knew what I was doing, I wouldn't have called it research!"

You can't possibly imagine how much of good work they do starting from conversations like these! O Lord!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Science - Art - Creation - Imagination

For some people, studying Science is a difficult proposition. Others, they are generally considered the smarter lot! (This is the general thinking in my part of the world where I have been brought up.) I disagree with this line of thought. The environmental and some genetic factors (the genotype and the phenotype) develop the initial seed composite in every mind and life takes a random walk from there and achieves its own standards of self-established milestones. I think average minds remain complacent because they don't/can't think like Jonathon Livingston Seagull and don't harness their deep desires.

I think that creating Artwork requires a great deal of ability which involves analytics, interest as well as a deep sense of the abstract notion of the idea you try to breathe life into. What makes it more challenging is the fact that there is no proper theory behind art. In fact, the more I read about people with some sort of mental faculty, I find that they are more artists, more philosophers, more creative geniuses rather than mere scientists. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, was a maverick, a creative genius, a scientist, an engineer and one of the greatest painters of all times.

Commerce and Economics govern the financial stability of nations and its individuals - this has given rise to policies that indirectly promote pressures on individuals to become rational machines and just exist in this beautiful world without any regard to one's intellectual and artistic abilities. This has led to regional instabilities and we see a drift in power-shift across time and regions.

Imagination is more important than knowledge(Einstein) and art is imagination. I just wish to be a creative person in life!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

UStad Amjad Ali Khan, Sarod and Indian Classical Music - Being one with oneself!

He creates magic - not music! Each beat from his Sarod is like a wave that touches each cell of your brain or perhaps your soul considering that the soul is the congregation of each dimension of your mental ability. This reminds me of a saying - "The heart has reasons that the mind knows not" Rather, I believe in this one - "The heart has reasons that the mind believes not." In fact, we don't know our minds ourselves. What we know is an artifact of the model the mind creates for itself.

Oh, I was talking about the magic of music, or rather Sarod, an Indian classical instrument. Sarod is a very rich many string-ed instrument like the guitar with a bigger resonating box base and longer wooden neck. Amjad Ali Khan devised his own 19 string sarod! It is much harder to play a sarod since it does not have any frets (the metallic part under the strings that is pressed to create the desired note) in it.

I have attended one of his shows in India. There, he was playing with his two sons (Ayaan Ali and Aman Ali) and Zakhir Hussain. He is a genius - there is a clear distinction between his music and the one his sons play! I remember the energy I felt during that show I attended. It was a feeling analogous to the synchronous dancing of all the brain cells in eternal light and immortality (free/endless energy)! (I am writing alot about the brain and the feeling because I am listening to his music even now and am totally enchanted and drenched/soaked in it :) You could really feel that top of the world (literally) experience in his live performance, the feeling that you may only get sometimes when you are very drunk! I also remember his rendition of 'Ekla chalo re' (by Rabindranath Tagore). It was exalting. His music is available on under the Hindustani Instrumental section. Go, check it out and enjoy!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer of 1999

A picture I had taken in '99 when I had visited Pokhra (and Kathmandu) all by mself.

Another picture : was reading a novel in style :)